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Prime 100 has more unique listings and co-brokered listings than any other brokerage company in the Middle Tennessee area. We closed more deals in the area than any of our competitors in 2013. We offer free consultations, free business valuations and do not charge a client until a deal closes!

Our brokers bring decades of experience starting and selling successful businesses in industries as varied as publishing, hospitality, real estate, accounting, entertainment, and information technology. We understand entrepreneurs because we ARE entrepreneurs. Based from Franklin, TN., we also have an intuitive grasp on what type of companies prosper in the Middle Tennessee area because we're consumers as well.

We are active members in the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), attend their conferences and always work on improving our services and skills.

We follow the IBBA's Code of Ethics in striving to offer a straightforward professional and honest presentation to both seller and buyer with a responsibility for integrity and honor in our business transactions. We refrain from practices that might bring dishonor to the business brokerage profession. We pledge to protect and promote the interests of our clients and deal fairly with all parties.
We look forward to helping you make a connection that moves your aspirations forward!


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