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Prime 100 will provide you access to the broadest number of qualified, potential buyers. With nearly 40 transactions a year, our firm sells more businesses than any other broker in Tennessee!

We know how much work and money you put into getting your business off the ground. You want to see your efforts carried on by someone who has the drive, the skill-set, the market experience, and the financial resources to not only carry on, but move it forward to the next level. You want someone who will be a good fit for your community and the people you employ.

The selling process begins with a FREE Consultation and Business Valuation so you go into the process with realistic expectations and know your company’s worth and not leave money on the table. We research to fully understand all the operational aspects of your company.

We create an online listing that provides details about your company to potential buyers, then guide you through the entire process. We know the Tennessee markets and advise you on getting the highest price and best terms for your business sale. We can save you a lot of time planning your exit strategy and strategize ways to transfer ownership in tax-savvy ways.

We operate under the tenets of the International Business Broker Association’s Code of Ethics, bound to conduct our business in an honest and fair manner to all parties involved in every business transaction.

Our process includes sorting out who is a serious buyer versus someone merely “kicking the tires” for curiosity while lacking the actual financing to follow through to a successful purchase. Understanding that your own resources are tied up in operating your company, we don’t charge until a deal closes!

If you are interested in selling a business, call 615-668-3278 or email info@prime100bb.com to arrange an initial consultation in which we walk you through the process of gathering the necessary business financial documents needed to complete your valuation.

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